Look no further as Skipbin Sydney has just the right bin for your job! With our large national database of suppliers we have an extensive range of bin sizes from 1.5m3 – 31m3 and types including skip bins, hook lift bins, front lift bins, rear lift (wheelie bins), mobile skips and skip bags. It is important to note that the following information is only an indication and each of our supplier’s bins are made to their own specifications therefore dimensions and shapes may differ.

Please use our handy bin size calculator below to work out approximately what size bin you may require based on the measurements of your rubbish pile, simply enter the width, depth and height of your pile and the calculator will generate an approximate amount of cubic metres.

Generally, bin sizes are based on cubic metres which are a measurement of volume. As a guide each cubic metre is approximately equivalent to 1 standard 6×4 box trailer load or 4 of your standard red top council wheelie bins – please see below for a visual guide.

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